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Abbey Bominable Costume – Piece By Piece

This little girl is stoked to open her Abbey Bominable costume bag for the first time on camera and show us what came in the package. Most of the reviews I have watched talk about how soft and comfortable the costume is, which is nice to hear, since sometimes mass-produced costumes can have scratchy bits. Sounds like that’s not the case here.

The Abbey Bominable costume comes complete with the wig unlike most of the other Monster High dress up sets they sell. I guess that must be because Abbey’s hair is a central part of her look and difficult to duplicate with an ordinary wig. Surprisingly, I haven’t been able to find anyone selling the Abbey wig separately and Amazon is already warning that they only have 2 costumes left in stock!

–>CLICK HERE to see the Abbey costume<–

Draculaura Costume Breakdown

I was really glad to find this video because the photo on the Amazon website doesn’t do justice to the Draculaura costume. I think this is probably one of the cutest costumes ever and even if you weren’t a Monster High fan, you could adapt this to all kinds of different goth or vampire costumes for Halloween. It’s a really pretty dress.

—>CLICK HERE to dress up as Draculaura<—

Lagoona Blue Costume – Homemade Version

This cutie (and I’m assuming her mom, due to the good job applying all the sequins) put together a really good homemade Monster High costume. She did a really good job duplicating the Lagoona Blue look herself. I think she really nailed the top and like the hoodie with the sequins. It’s very creative.

With many of the Monster High costumes, I think getting the hair and makeup right are the thing that really suggest the character the most.  If you don’t have a long blond wig in your dress up stash, then you can pick up a Lagoona wig for about $18 on Amazon. You may really be able to put the rest together with fabric and things you have at home. Here’s a list of the things you’ll need.

Lagoona’s Top

1. A long-sleeved or 3/4 length-sleeved black t-shirt. Bonus points if it’s shiny.

2. Some hot pink fabric to cut out and attach to the black shirt for the pink panel. (If you happen to already have a black and hot pink shirt, obviously that makes things easier).

3. Black and white fabric pens to draw fish scales on the shirt and Lagoona’s turquoise vest. As you can see in the video, large sequins also make awesome fish scales if you don’t have fabric pens.

4. An aqua vest or a hoodie that you’re okay with cutting the sleeves off. Either use sequins or your fabric pens to create fish scales on the bodice.

Lagoona’s Bottom

1. A black mini skirt of any kind will really work, or even black shorts, in a pinch. Use glue and glitter across the surface to suggest water.

2. Aqua tights. Cut off the bottom half of the tights the knees.  They don’t run when you do this and shouldn’t require any additional sewing. You can add some sequins if you want, but not necessary. If you’d prefer to attach Lagoona’s fins to the leggings rather than skin, then cut the tights at mid-calf.


1. Lagoona wears chunky gold jewelry, so raid your jewelry box for your biggest necklaces and bracelets, or hit the thrift store for something with a marine motif.

2. A big pink flower for your mini-Lagoona’s hair

3.  Aqua felt to cut out for fins. Lagoona has them mid-forearm and mid-calf, as well as sticking out of her hair.

4. Body adhesive or double-sided tape to attach the fins.

If you don’t have time to do the sewing or gluing yourself, you can grab a premade Lagoona costume by clicking here.  If you don’t have clothing at home you can repurpose for Halloween and need to pick up many of these supplies, it may be cheaper just to buy a costume since they’re under $30.

—>CLICK HERE to see Lagoona Costumes on Amazon <—

Cleo DeNile Costume – Makeup Tutorial

Cleo DeNile has really cool makeup. I love how shimmery it is.

Very honestly, I think the music on this video is annoying and kind of too loud, but you don’t need the sound turned on to follow the instructions, which are really good.

They sell a kit for about $4.50 to do all of the Cleo DeNile makeup, but I think these are pretty much all things most moms would have in their own makeup bag, so might not really be worth picking it up.

–>CLICK HERE to see Cleo DeNile costumes<—

Lagoona Blue Make Up Tutorial

This is REALLY good and I love the idea for putting a piece of fishnet stocking over your skin to use as a stencil.

She mentions using blue eyeshadow over white clown makeup to make the base, but I think you’d use up a lot of eyeshadow doing it that way. Amazon sells lots of different kinds of blue face makeup for under $5 and that seems like a better option.

—>CLICK HERE to check out Lagoona Blue costumes.<—


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